Why family is All ?

Believe me if I say family is all, they are your blood, you share the same genes, the same education, and the same habitat. They are the only ones that could possibly fully understand you. of course you can have friends, but friends can only go so far. when in need family will be all you have. Happy family with several members in education process According to freud the greatest part of our personalities is formed before the age of 5 , since family, your father, mother uncles and brothers are the only people you had contact with at that early age, it is very likely that everything you do at the moment somehow converges to satisfy a need you picked up at the time, meaning that without family everything you do wouldn’t be fully satisfying. Plus the fact that no one will love and care for you like your family does . So think twice before you say or do anything cruel to them, if you have a family do your best to keep it together and solid, if you don’t you better make one .     


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