Is it society Or just Me ?

I walk through the arcade of time; a day knocks down another like dominos, but I’m not alone, my shoulders collide with other.. Shoulders I believe. These other creatures seem to escort me in my journey, some get tired and choose others paths, some are therstock-footage-a-young-unknown-man-walking-into-a-very-foggy-fielde from the start point and every now and then another creature falls into my
sight zone.

They make a lot of noise it distracts me from keeping a focused mind; I need to be focused to reach my destination, but… Where am I going? Although the path is strangely and carefully craved in the ground, I see no horizon. I can only see where I have already stepped and what’s around me. Maybe these other creatures know where I am going! Maybe not! Maybe they’re just like me, ignorant of what’s waiting, but why do some of them walk they know where they are going?

It is mind boggling; do I have to walk in the same manner? Do I have to be noisy like they are?  What if I don’t want to do so? I can’t help it, but that creature, with the smirk in his face, is getting on my nerves, he is mocking the way I walk, why would he do that? As it seems, we are walking in the same speed, what effect would it have if I walked differently …


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