Hello reader
It has been quite a while since the last time I wrote something, anyway, here i am back at it again, i feel like I need to reconnect with my inner writer cause it helps, I think.
So just to give you an update I’m now an engineer I started working about 6 months ago and it’s definitely not what I was expecting!
The first three months at work were hell! Because I had so much free time I got depressed and I started reading tons of books about religion, philosophy, biology and psychology.

In a way I started a journey of self-exploration, that is very far from over. I started asking very basic questions like what am I? Why does life even exist? What’s the fucking point of this universe? Why is it made in a way that we can’t comprehend?

Asking these kinds of questions pushed me to search and ask and it seems like no one has a fucking clue! Except for some delusional people who solemnly believe that after we die we will be judged based on the good and bad things we do!

In all honesty I think it’s a beautiful idea but I think it’s very unlikely because the same people say that we came from one human and the the earth was flooded 4000 years ago killing all animals and humans but a pair in each kind WTF!
Those kind of stories really affect their credibility!

After tons of research, the state of mind or opinion I hold is this:

-there likely is a creator of this entire marvelous universe, be it an entity or an event or a computer (we could be in a simulation for all we know :/ )… there is something!

-None of that bullshit really matters, because at the core we are basically means for our genes to continue living! We are a bunch of cells that are working together in order to pass on their genetic code! So our consciousness and the feeling of I is mere symptom of this activity!

-There’s likely no free will, so chill out