Hello reader
It has been quite a while since the last time I wrote something, anyway, here i am back at it again, i feel like I need to reconnect with my inner writer cause it helps, I think.
So just to give you an update I’m now an engineer I started working about 6 months ago and it’s definitely not what I was expecting!
The first three months at work were hell! Because I had so much free time I got depressed and I started reading tons of books about religion, philosophy, biology and psychology.

In a way I started a journey of self-exploration, that is very far from over. I started asking very basic questions like what am I? Why does life even exist? What’s the fucking point of this universe? Why is it made in a way that we can’t comprehend?

Asking these kinds of questions pushed me to search and ask and it seems like no one has a fucking clue! Except for some delusional people who solemnly believe that after we die we will be judged based on the good and bad things we do!

In all honesty I think it’s a beautiful idea but I think it’s very unlikely because the same people say that we came from one human and the the earth was flooded 4000 years ago killing all animals and humans but a pair in each kind WTF!
Those kind of stories really affect their credibility!

After tons of research, the state of mind or opinion I hold is this:

-there likely is a creator of this entire marvelous universe, be it an entity or an event or a computer (we could be in a simulation for all we know :/ )… there is something!

-None of that bullshit really matters, because at the core we are basically means for our genes to continue living! We are a bunch of cells that are working together in order to pass on their genetic code! So our consciousness and the feeling of I is mere symptom of this activity!

-There’s likely no free will, so chill out


Which way of life ? Capitalism or Socialism ?

History stands witness that every extremist ideology is doomed to fail and fade.

Capitalism abuses our most innate human-animal desires; buy more, have more, consume more, get stronger, selfishness is the way to survive, it’s you against the world! One can compare capitalism to modern day slavery, ever since Adam smith came out with the theory of specialization, the value of human life fell compared to money and goods, what smith did was; instead of paying the workers full wages to manufacture the product from start to end, he would assign to them only a small operation in the manufacturing process to repeat over and over again, which meant that the workers were expendable hence minimal wage and harsh working conditions, the same thing is still happening in Nike’s factories in china and coal mines in India, life alongside with capitalism isn’t sustainable sooner or later it will crash, either from the huge and ever-expanding gap between society layers, or from the unreasonable and absurd abuse of natural resources.


         Socialism which is a moderate version of communism can be called Robin-hood-ism
the central idea of socialism is “everyone is equal” thinking about it, it doesn’t sound that bad at all, but why is socialism so hated and feared in the west? Well bad luck, Stalin linked the word communism to dictatorship, claiming that he is ruling with communism, even though the concept of a despot who has all the power is totally contradictory with the principal of communism, but the real  problem with socialism lays within its basis, Humans aren’t equal, you can’t pay a hardworking man the same wage as a lazy man, just like with robin hood, the people he helps will sooner or later  come to the realization that they don’t need to work cause robin will take care of them, think of how backwards a society like that would be.

It is clear that both regimes have their benefits and drawbacks, but none of them is truly good alone I like to think of them as Yin and Yang, the humane side of socialism is paramount, the practical side of capitalism is … practical ! If only we could find a way to combine the two and make hybrid regime, I bet that we would come up with a great way of life, the closest thing we have to that is known as conscious capitalism.

Is it society Or just Me ?

I walk through the arcade of time; a day knocks down another like dominos, but I’m not alone, my shoulders collide with other.. Shoulders I believe. These other creatures seem to escort me in my journey, some get tired and choose others paths, some are therstock-footage-a-young-unknown-man-walking-into-a-very-foggy-fielde from the start point and every now and then another creature falls into my
sight zone.

They make a lot of noise it distracts me from keeping a focused mind; I need to be focused to reach my destination, but… Where am I going? Although the path is strangely and carefully craved in the ground, I see no horizon. I can only see where I have already stepped and what’s around me. Maybe these other creatures know where I am going! Maybe not! Maybe they’re just like me, ignorant of what’s waiting, but why do some of them walk they know where they are going?

It is mind boggling; do I have to walk in the same manner? Do I have to be noisy like they are?  What if I don’t want to do so? I can’t help it, but that creature, with the smirk in his face, is getting on my nerves, he is mocking the way I walk, why would he do that? As it seems, we are walking in the same speed, what effect would it have if I walked differently …

Why family is All ?

Believe me if I say family is all, they are your blood, you share the same genes, the same education, and the same habitat. They are the only ones that could possibly fully understand you. of course you can have friends, but friends can only go so far. when in need family will be all you have. Happy family with several members in education process According to freud the greatest part of our personalities is formed before the age of 5 , since family, your father, mother uncles and brothers are the only people you had contact with at that early age, it is very likely that everything you do at the moment somehow converges to satisfy a need you picked up at the time, meaning that without family everything you do wouldn’t be fully satisfying. Plus the fact that no one will love and care for you like your family does . So think twice before you say or do anything cruel to them, if you have a family do your best to keep it together and solid, if you don’t you better make one .